Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Snapshot of My Youth

My inspiration for this post was from Beloit College's Mindset List

My seventh birthday party was Pac-Man themed. 

I could solve the Rubic's Cube in under five minutes when I was nine.

Our family gathered to watch the once a year showing of the Sound of Music.

My family could not afford cable at times; I would stay up late Friday nights to watch A PBS program that would air videos (Joe Jackson, Steve Perry) with subtitles. A bouncing ball would accent certain syllables the video show was focusing on that week.

One of my favorite toys growing up was the Speak-N-Spell.

One of my favorite Sunday pastimes was to dig in the edges of fresh cut grass and search for Roly-Polys.

My family's first computer was a Compaq Portable. We played games on the 4" by 4" green screen and printed rudimentary greeting cards on a dot matrix printer.

I wore several black rubber bracelets on both wrists to the roller skating rink.

To this day - I still believe, if you drink a soda while eating pop rocks you will explode. 

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