Monday, September 22, 2014

Revisited: 25 things To Do Before My Birthday

I turned forty this weekend. Let's see what I've accomplished....

1.   Write 3 thank you notes a week:

  • I write at least one every two weeks. Sometimes I send thank you emails.

2.   Read often:

  • Always

3.   Write daily:

  • I'm enrolled in an online writing class and I complete the assigned writing twice a week. I journal at least once a week and I have three three clients that I research and write grants for, which has me crafting and tweaking proposals, at least, twice a week. I don't creatively write everyday, but I write SOMETHING at lease five times a week.
4.   Edit more

  • I'm trying. A couple of colleagues help me edit my proposals. I've read an editing book but it is not my strong suit.
5.   Practice yoga

  • Not at all like I'd like to. But, I start my yoga teacher training at UCSD Extension on October 13!

6.   Meditate daily

  • A must. I've skipped a few days here and there but for the most part my nightly meditation practice is strong.
7.   Write a successful grant proposal

  • I now help write for three nonprofits. I've submitted about nine proposals and have not yet heard back from any of the funders. But, my fingers are crossed.
8.   Try the CrossFit gym in my neighborhood

  • I had friendly emails back and forth with the owner of the East Village Crossfit but I did not invest. 
9.   Decorate my apartment with plants

  • I still have the same three plants. 

10. Cook regularly

  • Nope
11. Donate clothes I don't wear

  • I've downsized a little bit, but the amount of stuff I have still overwhelms me some days. I have trouble letting go, in every arena of my life. 
12. Visit my son, Matthew, in Massachusetts

  • I fly out of San Diego on October 2nd for ten days, to visit my boy, in Hudson, MA 
13. Have fun w/ Matthew this summer in San Diego

  • He and I had a great time this summer. His buddy from Massachusetts joined him in San Diego for a week. We went out to dinner and on a road trip to Ilan-Laeu.

14. Practice putting things away when I'm finished           with them.

  • I try. But, I need to try harder. 
15. Stop the overuse of 'I'm sorry' 

  • I've become come more confident and I'm getting better.

16. Commit to a weekly Artist's Date 

  • I've gone to about 8 in the last 90 days.
17. Get a massage

  • Nope
18. Commit random acts of kindness

  • I do
19. Complete 3 financial amends

  • I've completed one.
20. Drink more green tea

  • Not so much. But, my sister and I shared an iced green tea last week.

21. Get over my ex

  • He's out of my system.
22. Go out on a date

  • Yeah, right. 
23. Find a monthly volunteer commitment

  • This weekend I volunteered for a fundraising event for the Somali Bantu Association of America. This is one of the organizations I help write grants for, but this weekend was strictly volunteer work. It was an amazing time the food and dancing were incredible! I'm learning so much!
24. Save money

  • I have over $500 in my account. A miracle.

25. Stay sober

  • I could not have done one single thing on this list without my sobriety. This one is the biggest accomplishment of them all!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Snapshot of My Youth

My inspiration for this post was from Beloit College's Mindset List

My seventh birthday party was Pac-Man themed. 

I could solve the Rubic's Cube in under five minutes when I was nine.

Our family gathered to watch the once a year showing of the Sound of Music.

My family could not afford cable at times; I would stay up late Friday nights to watch A PBS program that would air videos (Joe Jackson, Steve Perry) with subtitles. A bouncing ball would accent certain syllables the video show was focusing on that week.

One of my favorite toys growing up was the Speak-N-Spell.

One of my favorite Sunday pastimes was to dig in the edges of fresh cut grass and search for Roly-Polys.

My family's first computer was a Compaq Portable. We played games on the 4" by 4" green screen and printed rudimentary greeting cards on a dot matrix printer.

I wore several black rubber bracelets on both wrists to the roller skating rink.

To this day - I still believe, if you drink a soda while eating pop rocks you will explode.