Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tacos El Gordo

San Diego is famous for it's taco shops and Tacos El Gordo, located in Chula Vista, is one of the best.

The menu is simple: $2 street tacos (self explanatory), $3.75 quesadillas with meat, and $3.75 sopes and mulas (meat, cheese, etc. between two flat corn tortillas). Soda, horchata, and fruit juices are also available for a buck forty.

The restaurant space is open, bright, and lively. As I walked in, I jumped in the the back of the first line I noticed. After a couple of minutes, I realized others who came in after me were going up to different sections of the counter to place their order. It dawned on me, separate sections of the counter serve up a specific type meat. 

The meat selection includes carne asada (steak), cabeza (beef head), sesos (beef brain), adobada (spicy pork), and tripa (beef).

The adobada is served al pastor style. Al pastor means the pork is roasted on a vertical spit. Half a pineapple is speared and sits on top marinating the meat as it roasts. 

After surveying the meat selection I decided on carne asada. I lined up in the appropriate section and placed my order. Roasted scallions and green chilies are free and available mid-section of the counter. 

After about three minutes my food was served. I collected my plates and headed to the cashier. Fountain drinks are ordered from the cashier. Tacos El Gordo accepts cash only.

There is plenty of seating inside and outside but the place was packed. 

I ordered a carne asada taco and sopes. The serving of asada was generous. The gauc, onions and cilantro were fresh and colorful.

My mulas top tortilla was fried and hardened. The bottom tortilla was warm and soft. The cheese was as thick as the corn tortilla and molded perfectly on the bottom of tortilla. The top tortilla became a spoon. I used it to scoop up the drippings of meat from the over stuffed tacos.

The food is delicious and affordable. The original Tacos El Gordo originated in Tijuana and this place has an absolute TJ taco stand feel. My friend, jokes, 'the only thing missing is the dirt and the stray dogs!' She's right.

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  1. i told u liz the tacos r u they're just missing the dog waiting for u to drop something so they can eat it and the dirt from traffic too lo