Friday, June 13, 2014

Picking and Choosing

"Life knocked me off my platform."
-Ani DiFranco

Sometimes I act as if some of the rules just don't apply to me. 

Once I become comfortable in a certain situation, I begin picking and choosing which rules I want to follow, and which ones I imagine the flash of my smile and a shrug of my shoulders will permit me carte blanche to do as I please.

Last night, my cockiness was exposed.  Can you believe a bag of Smart Pop has brought me to my knees? I was at the building I live in and I was caught eating in an area where eating is not allowed. 

Warnings were drafted; dotted lines were signed.

The last few weeks I've been counting calories.  It was after ten last night, I was in a common area mindlessly devouring the ominous bag of Smart Pop when I was spotted and reprimanded. 

Little did the supervisor know, I was already berating myself for eating two hours before bed AND finishing the whole bag.  

Is this an instance that points to a self fulling prophecy?  My self condemnation now manifested, printed, signed, and filed in my permanent record?

Or maybe it's God's way of helping me remain true to my fitness goals. 

Either way,  I'm reminded,  once again, each and every rule applies to me. 

Which rules just don't apply to you?  


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