Thursday, June 19, 2014

25 Things To Do Before My Next Birthday

My Birthday is on September 21st.  So, I'd better get busy...

1.   Write 3 thank you notes a week
2.   Read often

4.   Edit more
5.   Practice yoga

6.   Meditate daily
7.   Write a successful grant proposal
8.   Try the CrossFit gym in my neighborhood
9.   Decorate my apartment with plants

10. Cook regularly
11. Donate clothes I don't wear

12. Visit my son, Matthew, in Massachusetts
13. Have fun w/ Matthew this summer in San Diego

14. Practice putting things away when I'm finished           with them
15. Stop the overuse of 'I'm sorry' 

16. Commit to a weekly Artist's Date 
17. Get a massage
18. Commit random acts of kindness

19. Complete 3 financial amends
20. Drink more green tea

21. Get over my ex
22. Go out on a date

23. Find a monthly volunteer commitment
24. Save money

25. Stay sober    

*My inspiration for this post came from  Thanks Erin!


  1. Love it! You have the same problem as me with the birthday coming soon! We can do it. ;)

  2. you can achieve all those things Liz just stay focused!!!