Sunday, May 4, 2014


I have a confession to make.  I have been putting off going to the gym.  Everyday, for WEEKS, I have been promising myself, tomorrow, I will go to the gym.

Tomorrow never comes because, I wake up, and it is, always -today.  

After a cup of coffee, I convince myself, today, I must first buy the perfect outfit, coupled with the perfect yoga mat; then, tomorrow, decked out, in my flashy new digs, I WILL overcome my resistance and get back in the gym. 

Under the florescent lights, at the local box mart, I imagine myself, looking cute and sporty in my new yoga pants, on my new, yellow, eco-friendly, yoga mat.  

Yellow, because this month, after research, I have decided to focus on the solar plexus chakra, since I carry my weight in my mid-section.

Research:  another form of procrastination. 

A kid, pushing his mom's cart, bumps into me, snapping me out of my daydream.  With my new outfit and yoga mat in hand, I head to the register; convinced my investment is a concrete commitment to my fitness.  

 The power of purchase - peters out - before I pull out of the parking lot.

The energy (and money) I pour into each of these distractions tricks me.  I delude myself that, in dedication to my fitness goals, my shopping, research, and self condemnation are committed acts of my will.  

Where is my will to get on the floor and do 20 sit ups? Now that is an investment.  

The other activities are only mental masturbation - without the happy ending.   

Thinking about going to the gym has set me up for failure, every time.

What are the ways in which you procrastinate?

What has helped you to stop thinking, and start doing?


  1. Too many creative outlets is what I decided was my form of procrastination. Instead of doing things I need to do: workout, paperwork, etc. I find something creative to do...I need to make a certificate, I can those in an hour create it on publisher, print it out glue it to some nice card stock. Instead my creative mind says "Wait! I've got an idea!!" This then leads into a 3 hour project, thereby avoiding necessary tasks. And reinforced by:
    "Its soo beautiful". The other way would have been lovely as well, I just would've had more time to do my work. LOL SO apparently my mode of procrastination as of late has been THE CRAFTER, THE READER, THE CROCHETER, THE WRITER.... good luck and good job :)

  2. I have procrastinated for years on my purpose. I am confident to say that I have a lot of talents and gifts that I keep to myself. It's such a shame that I do that because a lot of people are suffering including myself. I am literally leaving money on the table...and I must do what I am suppose to do or implode.
    Today I am working on making myself valuable. I know my worth and I have began living it.

  3. Felicia,

    Your friendship is a valuable asset in my life. In the last couple of weeks, I have witnessed you opening up and sharing your strength, with other women. It's a beautiful thing, and I am so happy you are on your way!