Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Learning Curve

I want to relay a learning experience I had yesterday morning.

I have only posted three times on my blog, and each time, I text the post's link, from my phone, to my contacts.  Yesterday morning, an acquaintance texted back and asked me to stop sending her the link.

Now, intellectually, I understand where this person is coming from. I hardly know her, and out of the blue, she is receiving three random texts, from me, a woman she hardly knows, referring her to a personal on line journal? At 7:45 am, I might add.  I get it.

But inside, I felt ashamed and embarrassed. Rejected, I wanted to roll up into a ball, like the little, black, roly poly bug.  Just shut down all together. Yes, I realize, it's just one person's input, but putting myself out there hasn't been easy.

The realization:  I'm generating spam.  Shameless self promotion.  And this is from a person who claimed she wanted to be anonymous.  How's that for irony? Gosh, bumping into myself can be down right spooky sometimes.

I'm confident this is just part of the learning curve, but man, it can be startling.  

Have you ever bumped into yourself, and became startled?

What happened? 

What did you realize?


  1. I bumped into myself and realized.. true love.. in this world doesnt exist. But, we are given the chance to feel, encompass and exude love. It makes me excited to know that true love is just on the next level. Im not always.. if rarely.. a lovable person.. and yes I get it.. my choices have now defined and become my life. Yet, it must be because im suppose to be here. And what, just what if, a miracle is just around the corner? Maybe, I and/or you. Will suddenly see him..The shepherd has come to retrieve his lost sheep.. not his flock.

  2. Elaine, you are lovable. I'm glad my post made you stop and think. Thanks for reading my blog and posting a comment. Love you.